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To be eligible to apply and have a Prefix allocated the following criteria must be met:

  1. 1. The applicant must be a financial member of the Australian Heavy Horse Association Inc.

  2. 2. A member can only have one (1) registered prefix.

  3. 3. A Prefix will not be acceptable if it:

(a) is the name of an already registered horse;

(b) is the name of a prefix already registered with the Association;

(c) has been used previously at the beginning of the name of any registered horse; or

(d) sounds like any other already registered prefix.

The Association reserves the right to approve or reject absolutely any prefix it deems unacceptable and no prefix shall be used until written confirmation has been received from the Association.

The Prefix will form part of the horses’ name and therefore must be of an acceptable size to allow for the maximum of twenty five (25) characters (this includes the prefix and spaces) allowed for a registered name. A Prefix may only be used when the person registering or recording a horse is also the breeder of that horse, exception would be if the breeder gives written authority to the Association to allow the person registering or recording the horse to use their prefix.

List three prefix choices in order of preference
Payment details

Payment of $20.00 can be made via Direct Debit to Australian Heavy Horse Association Inc. using the following account details: 

BSB: 063-250

Account Number: 1115-3198


Please ensure your full name is included within the payment description.

For any enquiries regarding payment, please contact the AHHA Secretary:

Thanks for submitting!

Application for registration of Breeder's Prefix
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