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Did you know that the AHHA is now an affiliate at Greg Grant Saddlery!

Do you shop at Greg Grant Saddlery?

If so, you can help the AHHA. For every order a member places and selects the Australian Heavy Horse Association as their affiliate club (when making an online purchase via their website, add the item/s to cart first, then go to the checkout page and select Australian Heavy Horse Association Inc from the drop down menu Select your Club to assign your club, listed in alphabetical order.), as a result, the AHHA will start earning credit towards vouchers etc.


Welcome to The Australian Heavy Horse Association Inc.

(REG/VAC# A0113279X)
(ABN 67 827 529 093)

AHHA Member Photos

We are a Part Breed association with an embracive breed registry that offers membership and horse registrations for a variety of heavy horse breeds. Breeds we cover include: Belgian Draft, Clydesdale, Drum Horse, Fell, Friesian Cross, Gypsy Cob, Highland Pony, Irish Draught/ISH, Morgan, Percheron, Shire, Spanish Variety Appendix A & B (PFH), Suffolk Punch, Waler,
Welsh Cob - Section D and Welsh Pony of Cob Type - Section C.

We also have an 'over-stamping' registration for pure breed horses under our registry that offers members of these pure breed horses with a registration certificate with us (while maintaining their breed society's registration) so that these horses can take part in our Performance Awards program. 

We also work together with other breed societies in recognising and supporting their breeds and members.

Throughout the year, we host a number of events and competitions around Australia as well as stud and stallion promotion.  If you are interested in any of the above information, please get in contact with us today!

Feel free to explore our website as it is designed to assist members and non-members by providing up to date information about heavy horse breeds. There is a lot of information available, so happy exploring.

If anyone is interested in becoming a member and registering their horse, click on one of the links below. We would love to hear from you and welcome you aboard.

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