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AHHA Studs

The Australian Heavy Horse Association is passionate about promoting studs and stallions included within our association, if you would like your stud or stallion to be included on our association

Stud Directory page, please complete a stud prefix and/or stallion submission form 

(Stallion Veterinary Certificate of Good Health) below.

Huge Huge announcement for our STUDS

We as a committee often think of ways that we can help you.

The committee is now bringing you Stud discounts, Yayy!

So, for those of us that spend hundreds of dollars a year on foal recordings, we have your back. 

Become a member and register your stud prefix and your foal recordings will be just $10 each for your first 2 years. 

That's a HUGE saving for our wonderful heavy horse breeders.


When registering your Stallion if you intend to breed from him, you will need to download the
Stallion Veterinary Certificate of Good Health below.

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