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About Us

The Australian Heavy Horse Association Inc.

We are a part breed association  for all heavy horse breeds across Australia.

Our Mission is to be a home for all heavies (especially the part breds) to promote the different breeds and enjoy our horses together!

We welcome you all, no matter your discipline, be it the show ring, eventing, trail riding or purely social wanting to get out and meet others that also love heavy horse breeds.

We have an embrasive/inclusive registry for the following heavy horse breeds; including part breeds of:

Belgian Draft


Drum Horse


Friesian cross

Gypsy Cob

Highland Pony

Irish Draught/ISH




Spanish Variety Appendix A & B (PFH)

Suffolk Punch


Welsh Cob - Section D

Welsh Pony of Cob Type - Section C

Our Story

The AHHA started with a few like minded people wanting a place for all our heavy horses to be recognised. A conversation between Lisa (our president) and Tony our (vice president) ended up being the start of this wonderful association. Our aim was to have an all inclusive home for our heavy breeds and their owners Australia wide. We strive to make our association the very best and go above and beyond to bring new and interesting events and fun activities for our members and their horses. We also know that as horse enthusiasts, owners, breeders, eventers and trail riders, we all are learning something new and wonderful every day and we would like the AHHA to be a place where every member and their horse feels comfortable and part of a family.

Meet The Team

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