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Part Bred Gypsy Cob


A Part Bred Gypsy Cob is a regarded as a horse with Gypsy Cob bloodlines and another pure or part bred horse. Part Bred Gypsy Cobs should display the common characteristics and qualities of both the Gypsy Cob and the other breed/s.  

Part Bred Gypsy Cobs can often be eligible for multiple breed registrations, such as APSB part bred, Part Welsh etc.  

Why do people breed a part bred?

Gypsy Cobs are very popular within both Australia and New Zealand.  This is due to their quiet nature and a multidiscipline horse. Part Bred Gypsy Cobs are often more affordable and more readily available than pure breds. 


Adapted from the Australasian Gypsy Horse Society Inc. 

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