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Register Your Heavy Horse Today!

Register your horse with The Australian Heavy Horse Association Inc. today!


We have an overarching registry for the following breeds, including part breeds:

Belgian Draft


Drum Horse



Gypsy Cob

Highland Pony

Irish Draught/ISH




Spanish Variety Appendix A & B (PFH)

Suffolk Punch


Welsh Cob - Section D

Welsh Pony of Cob Type - Section C

"Classified Heavy Horse" registration is for horses of unknown breeding, but are of heavy type. 

Guidelines for Registration in the

Australian Heavy Horse Association

• To register your heavy horse in the main stud book your horse must have ¼ (25%) of proven purebred heavy horse breeding registration and will be registered in sections of Light, Medium and Heavy horses.

• To register your horse in the classified 'Heavy Horse' section of unknown breeding, you must submit your registration to the committee with proof of purchase and 3 photos (Front, Side and Behind). This registration will be registered in sections of Light, Medium and Heavy based on heavy horse features as type. eg feathering. bonne structure etc.

• All Pure breed heavy horses registered with their relevant breed society will be over stamped as foundation registered Pure Heavy Horse when their AHHA registration application is accompanied with a copy of their official foundation breed registration.

• All Pure bred unregistered horses can be registered as a classified Heavy Horse.

Please click on one of the links below to register your horse.

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